Hi there, this is Tim Eterno (better known by my project username, RagTag.)

I'm a humble fan from Palatine, Illinois, and want to start by saying how much I love your music. Your sense of style, charisma, and overall flare is something I really admire.

The reason for my e-mail is about a music proposal that I sincerely hope you'll be interested in. Our team doesn't exactly have any money to give you for your work (if you choose to accept), but what we can't give you in monetary funds, we can give you immense gratitude, and pride in the fact that a musician as talented as you is willng to help us out.

I, along with a team of cartoonists, are working on an animated cartoon project called Door-Jammed. It's being created in a very Looney Tunes-ish style of animation, and we've already assembled quite an entourage of script writers, storyboard artists, and voice artists. What we lack, however, is a souce of music. Our team is aiming for an authentic, organic style of music to accomoany the animation, and after looking at some of the songs you've co-wrote with Guy Fletcher, we strongly believe that you'd fit the bill in this regard.

To give you a clue of what exactly we're working on, here's some details about the project::

The concept's about a boy named Lesley, and his faithful wise-cracking dog, Dominic. During a science fair, the two find an Interdimensional portal, and accidently get sucked through it. The episodes revolve around the two travelling the dimensions of the cosmos, trying to find their way back to Earth. We've already finished our first script, and now have moved in the storyboard phase.

Here's a Google Document that specifies exactly what our concept entails, along with some sketches and artwork that will give you an idea of what the finished cartoon will look like: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rwKtmvEfynuX5Npw4Mf0FOOdr3uH7R0Nqjfh8ZxBSQw/edit

In addition, here's the full script for the cartoon: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13_cH8_DDoOUn-tIq9oyPCcU3QGJqpR8Q6-fApVyFlB0/edit

The cartoon is planned to be about 20 minutes in length.

Ideally, if you wish to accept, we will be able to send you storyboards of various scenes, and specify what kind of music that will accompany it (upbeat, melodramatic, maniacal, jazzy, etc.). These individual music pieces could range from a few seconds to about a minute long. It would then be your poragative to come up with a piece, diddy, or notes that would fit the scenario. We could give you additional information or context, if needed.

Our team understands that you are a busy man, and we completely accept if you decide that you can't (or decide not to) help us out. Thank you so much in advance, and a simple e-mail back confirming your decision would be very much appreciated.

If you decide that you'd like to help out, you can also find us on Twitter. My username is @ragtagstuff, and the showrunner's username is @jeezreese05.

Thanks so much,
Tim Eterno (RagTag)

11.25.11Rich Kowalewski

Welcome back to the Motor City! Last time we crossed paths was at Dummy George's where I was performing with the Jimmy Wilkins Big Band. It's been a long winding road since our days at M.C.C.C. Check out my web sites: brazilandbeyond.com and basschool.com. My phone# is: 586-979-8110 , I would love to chat and maybe set up a session to play some "B. Evans"! Congrats on your success. Rich


Closet Romantics is my fav. Very cool. What did you use to create this site?