06.19.15Detroit Metro Times

"Williams is a pianist from Detroit who lives in New York City these days. He was a protégée of Kenn Cox from the Contemporary Jazz Quintet, and early on he was Cassandra Wilson’s music director, but most of his music veers toward the avant end, He’s one of the few older guys who does some really nice and original stuff with electronics ".

06.17.15Jazz/ Detroit Free Press by Mark Stryker

"Pianist-composer Rod Williams 61, His improvisations alternate between a scampering kind of percussive rumble with a smoother, more pianistic touch, and his compositions reveal a personal approach to melody and structure".

09.24.14Phil Ranelin Quartet in Detroit

Phil Ranelin, trombone
Rod Williams, piano
Jaribu Shahid, bass
Djallo Djakate

06.25.13Rod Williams in Detroit, Mi

"Pianist and former Detroiter Rod Williams returns to his hometown in a set that features local notables Marion Hayden (doublebass) and Djallo Djakate (percussion). The versatile Williams has been heard in a variety of contexts, but with an emphasis on collaborations that are rooted in tradition, but also investigate the borders".

05.13.13The Glasgow Herald Review of The Dewy Redman Quartet in Glasgow, Scotland

Dewey Redman, tenor sax
Rod Williams, Piano
Fred Hopkins, bass
Eddie Moore, drums

05.10.13Rod Williams' Detroit Homecoming/Detroit Metro Times by W. Kim Heron

"Williams, was a master of soloing within these musical worlds of his own design. And for all the braininess of Williams' compositions, there was emotion to be wrested from them; they had their hooks and sometimes a sing-songability that left them dancing in your ears after they ended".

04.24.13Hanging In The Balance Liner Notes by Herb Boyd

04.07.13Interviews in Japan's Swing Journal and Music Magazine and Other Media

Interviews in Japanese

03.19.13Cassandra Wilson "She Who Weeps"

CD Review

03.19.13David Murray's Big Band at Sweet Basil

" Rod Williams on piano, who played honky-tonk tremolos in one tune and glinting dissonances in the next".

03.19.13New York Times Live Music Review/Peter Watrous

"Rod Williams is one of the many musicians in New York who toil in the background, but shouldn't. He is an empathetic accompanist, stabbing away a chords when needed, adding lush solos on cue. Mr Williams has an easy sort of virtuosity. Mr. Williams, who deserves to be heard in his own context more often".

02.06.12Trio in Tokyo with Gideon Jukes (tuba) and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (drums)

Review of performance at Sweet Rain 2/6/2012

01.19.11Rod Williams "Options" at The Issue Project Room

Mark Helias , double bass
Bruce Cox, drums
Naren Budhakar, tabla
Neel Murgai, sitar
Aditi Bhagwat, Kathak dance

01.11.11Rod Williams "Options

Mark Helias (bass), Bruce Cox (percussion), Ray Spiegel (tabla), and special guests Neel Murgai (sitar) and Aditi Bhagwat (Kathak dance).

03.31.09Brooklyn College 2009 Library Art Award

Brooklyn College 2009 Library Art Award. Composed music for artist Shahzia Sikander-Embark/Disembark I-VI.

11.09.90Cassandra Wilson in Chicago